Paris makes a bold move to protect their citizens

Paris (AFP) - Paris will reduce the exposure of its inhabitants to electromagnetic waves by 30%, under a charter with mobile operators to limit the maximum level of antennas to 5 / Vm (volt by Meter), announced Thursday the mayor of Paris.


Paris "thus becomes the most protective metropolis in Europe, ahead of Brussels, which set a threshold at 6 V / m. These are extremely stringent standards, "Julien Bargeton, Finance Deputy Mayor PS of Paris Anne Hidalgo told the press.


Electromagnetic waves, which the WHO (World Health Organization) considered to be "potentially carcinogenic", are suspected of being harmful to health.


This charter, which renews a previous agreement already "the most binding of France", decreases from April 1st of 7 V / m to 5 / Vm the threshold in the 2,240 relay antennas present in Paris as well as those to come.


It is a question of achieving a "balance between public health concerns, controlling the levels of exposure, while remaining a digital capital of the world", according to the elected Parisian.


According to the charter, the consultation period with the inhabitants, during the installation of an antenna, will increase from two to four months, files filed will have to be more detailed and a "more comprehensive surveillance strategy" will be put in place.


At the same time, a Municipal Observatory of Waves, whose principle had already been adopted on the initiative of elected ecologists of Paris, will be created, to inform, monitor and amplify the campaigns of measures already existent. They will bring together elected representatives, experts, associations and the Ministry of the Environment.

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